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Learning iptables Basics
·5 mins
When a new server is stood up, one of the first things that it undergoes is the formidable process of ‘becoming secure’. During this process, the firewall often becomes the centre of attention for a while – and understandably so. The firewall dictates what traffic is allowed in and out of the server, as well as where the traffic can come in and out from.
Cancon 2016
·6 mins
I was invited to attend Cancon this year, a convention focusing on miniature games, card games, and board games. Games are awesome, so a long weekend of playing games was locked in. I had so much fun it was ridiculous, anyone that likes games should go check it out (even if you’re not sure about liking games just yet) – make sure you can stay somewhere with a bunch of people.
Power Cycling
·2 mins
Have you tried turning it off and on again, rebooting, restarting, kicking, or bouncing it? These are some of the ways I hear people suggesting to power cycle something that’s not working as it should. That is, turning something off and turning it back on again. Once the device comes back from the dead, it’s usually working at full capacity and there’s no sign of the error that was plaguing the device just moments before.


Icon/Logo Design
·2 mins
I wanted to create a design for my game community project Crystal Docks. After thinking about it for a while, the realisation came to me that creating a good design is hard. Really hard. There’s so many factors to consider. So to make it easier I decided to leverage the Material Design specifications.
Hello World!
·1 min
The start of another project, though in theory this one just never ends. Make a blog of some kind so I can write about the other projects I’m doing. It also acts as a place I can write about anything else, so that’s neat. Any good project starts with some form of Hello World, so: