Some of your data is collected when you visit and browse this website. I’ve taken steps to protect your privacy by stripping out Google Analytics, and instead using a privacy preserving setup.

umami analytics is in use, which avoids collecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and anonymises the data it does collect. You can see the type of information that I can see by checking out the live demo. I wrote about how you can stand up your own privacy preserving analytics using umami if you still want analytics, but don’t want to contribute to a world of forced surveillance.

The following data is collected:

  • Country - If you use Tor or a VPN, it’s the country of the exit node.
  • Device - Desktop, Mobile, etc.
  • Operating System - Windows 10, iOS, etc.
  • Browser - Firefox, Safari, etc.
  • Referrer - What website you came from, ie, another blog.
  • Page - What page on this website you hit.
  • Time - What the hour was when you hit the page.