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Free Web Analytics with umami
··6 mins
I previously wrote about using umami analytics where we needed a VPS, and we had to manage our own docker containers and database. But you can get other people to do that for you, and do it for free! That’s assuming you are allowed to use, and stay within, the free tier of PlanetScale, Vercel and GitHub.


Privacy Preserving Analytics using umami
·8 mins
There’s an easier way to do this now, I wrote about it here: Free Web Analytics with umami Recently I wanted some analytics on my blog to see what my popular pages were, and where the traffic was being referred from. Google Analytics doesn’t float my boat as it’s not exactly privacy preserving, and I don’t want to feed the service sacrificing giant.
Migrating vCenter
·4 mins
As it turns out, migrating the vCenter Server Appliance was not as straight forward as I thought. This was mostly because I didn’t think about how the process would work, and just assumed that the Veeam Quick Migration feature would save me. Spoilers, it didn’t, everything broke, and now I’m writing this up.
Updating vSphere (vCenter and ESXi)
·5 mins
Updating vSphere> Updating vSphere # vCenter 6.7> vCenter 6.7 # Updating things is always fun! It’s a good thing that updating vCenter is pretty easy, and the VMware documentation is useful to boot. You can also check out Mike Tabor, who has a good guide on updating the vCenter Server Appliance too.
Merging Internal USB Connectors
·3 mins
Recently I bought a new computer and while assembling it, I ran into a problem where I didn’t have enough internal USB Type A 2.0 (The “normal” rectangle one you gotta flip three times) headers on the motherboard. The outside of the case has one Type C (USB C) and one Type A SuperSpeed(+)?