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Installing and Migrating TeamSpeak3
·5 mins
The time finally arrived to annihilate the old Crystal Docks TeamSpeak3 server, and rebuild it to make it harder better faster stronger. Below is all the bits and pieces related to rebuilding TeamSpeak3 on the new server. This was created on a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server, so if you’re using a different distribution then you might run into problems executing the commands below.


Icon/Logo Design
·2 mins
I wanted to create a design for my game community project Crystal Docks. After thinking about it for a while, the realisation came to me that creating a good design is hard. Really hard. There’s so many factors to consider. So to make it easier I decided to leverage the Material Design specifications.
Hello World!
·1 min
The start of another project, though in theory this one just never ends. Make a blog of some kind so I can write about the other projects I’m doing. It also acts as a place I can write about anything else, so that’s neat. Any good project starts with some form of Hello World, so: