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Merging Internal USB Connectors
·3 mins
Recently I bought a new computer and while assembling it, I ran into a problem where I didn’t have enough internal USB Type A 2.0 (The “normal” rectangle one you gotta flip three times) headers on the motherboard. The outside of the case has one Type C (USB C) and one Type A SuperSpeed(+)?


Hushing the Dell R710 Fans
·8 mins
In my living room there’s a server rack holding a Dell R710. This server is nice and tidy, has good airflow available, and has an acceptable amount of redundancy built into various aspects. It spends it’s life powered down. In my closet there’s a whitebox jammed in the corner. It literally can’t contain the disks it has so the SSD’s just limply hang out the side, and there’s a material bag resting on the top of the otherwise open case to help the dubious airflow.