Cancon 2018

Cancon is coming - good time to start planning. Who’s in, who’s not, and where are we staying? This year it turns out the Canberra Carotel Motel destroyed our beloved living quarters for some reason. This was super disappointing as where we usually went was absolutely perfect for Cancon.

Post Outage Review

No matter how well you plan for something, you will inevitably have something go wrong that simply couldn’t be catered for. One day you will find yourself dealing with an unplanned outage. Drawing from your bag of holding, you resolve the problem but now you have to provide answers to The Business - and it’s not happy.

Colonising The Death Planet

Red, Hideki, and Spike quickly realised there wasn’t much hope. Thriving within the subterranean planet was almost certainly futile. Water, warmth, food, and oxygen were practically non-existent. The initial survey determined they were inside The Death Planet. How and why they were there was anyone’s guess.

Cancon 2017

Cancon? Yes. Not long after that, we descended upon Canberra for Round Two of the epic event known simply as Cancon. This time around was a little bit different than last time, but it was just as excellent. We had a slightly different group of people, and I didn’t participate in any tournaments.

Ghost Emails Using Email Hosting

Ghost uses Nodemailer to fling emails around, which means you can use an email hosting solution with Ghost in order to send emails out. The Ghost team have covered self hosted mail configuration, though it might not be obvious what to do if you use a lesser known email hosting solution, or even operate your own.